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Meet Medusa

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Thanks for dropping by! I'm Niki, the Founder and Artistic Director of Medusa Yarn and Fiber, located in Knoxville, TN. Our palette consists of deep jewel tones and saturated colors, with plenty of adventurous skeins with lighter shades, speckles, and variegated hues.  My name isn't Medusa, but I will answer to it! 

I have been a knitter for several decades, and started dyeing yarn about four years ago. I am an academic by training, and have published extensively in the field of Medieval History. I have held several academic positions at different universities (during which time I started my knitting podcast called "The Professor Knits"), but have since left the Ivory Tower to focus on my research, my family, and my fiber obsession. I grew up in Manitoba, Canada, but now live in East Tennessee with my husband, our two children, a cat named Figaro, and a dog named Willow.